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Tepui Healing
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I began teaching massage therapy in 2017. After taking an extended break from teaching, I am back, picking up where my mentor has left off. My focus is teaching the 16 hour Breast/Chest massage class to LMTs in Washington State. I have a BA in Business Management and 10 years of sales experience before becoming a Massage Therapist. I will be adding a business development course as well as an Ethics and Communications class in 2024. As a Doula and advanced prenatal massage therapist, I also teach Couples Massage for the pregnant couple.

Breast/Chest Continuing Education

Learn a simple and effective routine for incorporating the chest wall and breast tissue into full body massage.

Couples Massage

Come for a time of learning, touch, and exploration. Take a moment to pause and learn to slow down

Professional Development
Continuing Education

Create integrity, resilience, accountability and ethical behavior in your massage practice