Tepui Healing Arts Center

Professional Development

Washington State LMTs and those who employ them

Protect Your Practice: a comprehensive review of Washington State Massage Laws

Read and discuss the Washington State Massage Laws, both RCW and WAC

Satisfy the 4-hour Washington State CE requirement for ethics

Learn tools and methods for effective communication

Discuss with LMTs and employers of various backgrounds (depending on student sign-up, of course)

Be in a small class: Maximum of 10 students only.

Instructor: Rachel Porter

Professional Development

With a background in management and training, and a passion for the law, Rachel’s professional development courses offer you the tools needed to build your massage practice. Porter owns a successful private LMT practice, which has experienced 10-fold growth in clients served at a 90% retention rate over 6 years. These Professional Development Continuing Education classes are an opportunity for you to advance your business, communication, and sales acumen alongside ethics and compliance training so that you are fully qualified to attract, maintain, and retain your ideal client base. With robust content and take home resources, do not miss the opportunity to learn from a successful massage professional as you advance in your own career.