Tepui Healing Arts Center

Special Policies


SPECIAL CLASSROOM POLICIES FOR THIS CLASS — By registering, each Attendee agrees to the following policies:

  • Attendees must be a licensed massage therapist in any US State with an official massage licensing board, or a healthcare professional with breast massage in their scope of practice. If a massage therapist practices in a state without massage licensing, permission from the instructor is required.
  • Attendees must be present for all class hours, including all lecture and technique demonstrations.
  • Attendee understands that this is a mixed-gender class. Full chest and breast areas, including areolae and nipples, will be treated on all genders within this class.
  • Attendee understands that the full chest and breast will be undraped for much of the treatment in class.
  • Attendees are expected to both give and receive all techniques with students of any gender.
  • Attendee agrees to adhere to professional standards and ethics both during the course, as well as when working with the public in a clinical/office setting.
  • In order to receive their Course Completion Certificate, each Attendee agrees to these policies for this course. Any Attendee who does not adhere to the course rules will be immediately asked to leave the course and will receive neither course credit nor tuition refund.
All participants are medical professionals, and the instructor will facilitate the classroom being a confidential and safe space at all times. Please know that everyone will be extraordinarily respectful in class or will be asked to leave. The instructor has always had wonderful, co-ed classes with talented, compassionate students and she is looking forward to this being another.


  • Masks will not be required.