Tepui Healing Arts Center

Advance Breast and Chest Massage

Advanced Techniques for the Breast and Chest: 8 CEs for LMTs

Come learn advanced techniques for use on the undraped anterior torso. Explore incorporating table thai, movement, stretching and more into your routine. Spend time working through client communication strategies and collaborate on best pratices for maintaining communcation, ethics, and boundries.

This class builds on the introductary 16 hour Breast/Chest Massage class. It does not meet the 16 hour WA State CE requirement for offering breast and chest massage work (WAC 246-830-555).

This class will include 4 hours of work on client communication and ethics. It will satisfy the 4-hour Washington State CE requirement for ethics.

Work with LMTs of all genders (depending on student sign-up, of course).

Be in a small class: Maximum of 10 students only.

Instructor: Rachel Porter

In Brief: In this class, students will learn techniques beyond the basic routine taught in the 16 hour class. Techniques will include, but are not limited to side-lying work, table Thai, stretching, and body movement methods. 4 hours of the class time will be spent working on and discussing challenges and opportunites with client communication, intake process, ethical standards, and maintaining boundaries.

Contact Me

Contact me with any and all questions about the class at education@revivetherapeutics; please include “breast and chest class” in the subject line. If for some reason I do not respond in 2-3 days time, please call 206-451-7037.